Leadership Coaching

Do you face challenges when leading your employees? You want to be perceived as a reflective leader by your employees, or maybe you would like a little “reality-check” with respect to your leadership style?

I will support you as you develop the right solutions as a leader, maintaining alignment with the individual dynamics and processes of your organisation. As a neutral observer, someone who is not personally impacted, I can show you and your leaders a new perspective.

Leadership coaching is not an end in itself. It has a direct impact on the success of your business. It is not only you who benefits, but also your employees – and therefore your whole organisation.

Classic situations for leadership coaching

  • You would like a neutral expert to review your organisation.   
  • You would like to develop new solutions or approaches with regards to leadership, and establish them in your organisation.
  • You are looking for a coach and “sparring partner” – someone who supports you in preparing for, and addressing difficult conversations.
  • You would like to acquire appropriate tools to motivate your employees.
  • You would like to prepare for a new leadership role.  
    You would like to further develop yourself as a leader, re-define or validate your understanding and approach to leadership.
  • You would like to actively support the leaders in your organisation in leading their employees effectively.

No matter which of these situations you currently are facing:
Professional leadership coaching opens up new perspectives and broadens your horizons.

Coaching process

  • Introductions
  • Common understanding of the situation or problem
  • Goal and milestone definition
  • Definition of methods and approaches
  • Completion


Solutions to some topics can be developed within two hours. For others, value is added by working on the project over the course of a longer period of time. Length and intensity therefore depend on your needs and individual situation.


During the coaching process, we will regularly review progress, and if necessary, adapt the process.


The right place to work at is not always your office. I can also offer you the opportunity to work on creative solutions and strategies at my office – quietly located in the heart of Munich Maxvorstadt.

Also, a “coaching walk” can be very effective in taking the first steps in the direction of change. Let’s find out together what the ideal setting for your coaching looks like.


Creative methods support finding effective problem solving strategies. Therefore, I not only work with classical consulting and coaching methods but also include tools like Design Thinking, Lego Serious play and similar techniques. During the process, we will agree on an appropriate tool for your coaching requirements.

You will profit from my expertise and many years of experience as a HR professional, including working as a consultant on numerous projects. Through my work with the Munich Business School, I have the opportunity to be up to date with current trends and research in HR development and Work 4.0.

Quality assurance and sustainability

After about six weeks, we will reflect on your set goals and make adaptations if necessary.

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