Mastermind – Input from likeminded people

3 problems – 2 hours time – 8 perspectives

You are a leader, HR responsible or entrepreneur. For weeks you have been thinking and struggling with a topic, or you are in a difficult situation with an employee. You don’t want to take these topics home all the time – but who do you discuss this with?

People who have similar issues in their daily work life but also have an external perspective provide a great support network in solving these topics. This is what the mastermind group offers, which I run several times a year. 

This is how it works

Every appointment gives 3 people the opportunity to share their topic with the group of 8 and hear the perspective of the other participants. As a method, we follow a classical Supervision approach, which will be guided by me:

  • You share your situation
  • The group asks questions to fully understand the issue
  • You listen: How do the others perceive the situation? How would they act, if they were in your shoes
  • You define your first step in solving the issue

Everyone has an opinion! You are therefore also very welcome to join, even if you don’t have a topic right now, but would like to support the others with their problem solving.

Please include detail of the topic that you would like to address with your registration, if applicable.

Appointments in 2021 - ONLINE

  • 18. March           – 5-7 pm
  • 17. June              – 5-7 pm
  • 16. September   – 5-7 pm
  • 11. November    – 5-7 pm


Online via Zoom

Your Investment

2 hours of your time and 30 Euros for peer counselling, new perspectives and networking.