Isar-Explorer NetWALKING

4 km - 4.000 steps - New Inspiration

Three times a year I offer an organised time out – the Isar Explorer NetWALKING. A great opportunity to meet like minded people while taking a nice and easy walk along the Isar or in Munich’s beautiful surroundings. You will have the chance to get inspiration, exchange opinions and learn about yourself. 

This is how it works

Before the meeting you receive a little teaser on the subject in an e-mail. You will receive further input along our little walk and have the chance to discuss with your “explorer-buddies”.

Appointments and Topics

Due to Corona … no NetWALKINGs at the moment


The meeting point will be announced 3 weeks ahead of the meeting – it will be easily accessible with public transport.
There will also be the opportunity to stop at a restaurant at the end of our walk – a good opportunity for those who enjoy a longer chat.

Your Investment

Your time and a voluntary donation to Nicolaidis YoungWings Stiftung. There will be some warm drinks (talking about sustainability… please bring your own mug).