"He who stays on the shore
cannot discover new oceans."

Fernando Magellan

people & culture consulting

Penguins. They are birds but they cannot fly and spend most of their time on land. They build nests, raise their chicks – and are always close to the ocean. Their natural environment is the water: here they turn into fast and manoeuvrable hunters. Here they are successful. They are in their true environment – the place were they can be the best version of themselves; where they use their strengths optimally.

I support organisations in creating this environment. The place, where you as the entrepreneuer, leader or employee can be the best version of yourself.
I work pragmatically with a hands-on mentality – whether you need a sparring partner to support you in strategic HR topics as a consultant to your HR department, or if you would like to establish a new company culture from scratch.

Kathrin Vallund

My personal ambition is to be the best option for my clients when it comes to questions related to people and culture.

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Slide 1 – Lego

Thanks so much for the great session. You have managed to find the right level between open debates and giving a structure.

Management Teamdevelopment, VP North- and Central Europe, FMCG

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I was afraid to make changes in my organisation. Kathrin was by my side, challenged me in a good way and supported me in communicating to my employees.

Reorganisation of a marketing department in the publishing sector

Slide 2

Kathrin doesn’t get distracted from what is important. She always guids me back to the pain point … with success. The pain gets less.

Leadership Coaching in the Pharma industry

Slide 3

What a difference it makes in a team when roles and responsibilties are clear. It was so much fun and we have come together as a team. THANKS!

Participant teambuilding workshop in the electro industry


A trainer who lives for her topics.

Participant Leadership training in the hospitality industry

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