Customer Voices

This is what my clients say about me.

Management Teamdevelopment VP Central & Northern Europe, FMCG

“Thanks so much for the great session. You have managed to find the right level between open debates and giving a structure.”

Reorganisation of a marketing department in the publishing sector

“I was afraid to make changes in my organisation. Kathrin was by my side, challenged me in a good way and supported me in communicating to my employees.”

Leadership Coaching in the Pharma industry

“Kathrin doesn’t get distracted from what is important. She always guides me back to the pain point … with success. The pain gets less.”

Participant teambuilding workshop in the electronics industry

“What a difference it makes in a team when roles and responsibilities are clear. It was so much fun and we have come together as a team. THANKS!”

Participant Leadership training in the hospitality industry

“A trainer who lives for her topics.”