What exactly is she doing?

I have already said it in the last article. My heart beats for people & culture topics.

But what exactly is that from my perspective?

A few years ago I saw this video (only available in German) from a German doctor called Eckart von Hirschhausen. He talks about penguins. They are really cute, but since they don’t have knees, they seem rather incompetent. A misconstruction. But when they are in the water, then they become fast hunters. They can use their full strength. What he is trying to say: To be the best version of ourselves requires, that we find our ocean – our element.

I support organisations in creating the ideal environment – for everyone. No matter, if it is the entrepreneur, a leader, or employee. In my point of view everyone wants to work at a place, where he or she can be the best version of him/herself.

But how does this place look like?

I grew up nearby a zoo – and my most favourite area in this zoo until today is the area for the penguins. I have always been fascinated by their speed and elegance, when they are in their element. The water.

This is exactly what my approach to consulting and coaching is. For my recommendations I look at your ocean. Your culture and everything that is connected to it. Which environment would you like to create?

Not only you as the entrepreneur creates an ocean. Every leader creates one for the employees. Every employee is not only part of a culture, but shapes it and participates in changing the circumstances.

I support you in finding out, how your ocean should look like. What kind of employees are the best version of themselves in your ocean.

I am not leaving you when we have found out, how this ocean looks like. I accompany and support you in creating this ocean.

  • Is your organisation built up in the right way? If not, how should it look like to work well and what does that mean for the employees, culture and way of working.
  • Do you or your leaders need coaching to find out different or new ways of leading?
  • How can we develop your team so that everyone becomes an intrapreneur?
  • And if you don’t have an HR department or need support with strategic HR topics, I am here to support you.

I am looking forward to hear your story.


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