The penguin

But why the penguin…

I have already told you a lot about myself and what exactly I offer as a consultant for people & culture.

But why is there a penguin in the logo?

He tells the story of my work – my understanding of people & culture. And something that has been around in my life forever.

While I was living in New Zealand, I have been on every pengiuin expedition possible – I even spent one week with a penguin researcher learning about how penguins care about each other. In South Africa I spent countless hours to watch them walk into the water. In Greenland I have missed them. Penguins have always been fascinating for me.

Then one day I came to my in-laws house. One of the first things I saw was a money box in the shape of a penguin. The mascot of the bank, my father-in-law used to work for. And there he was again – the penguin.

They will probably not disappear from my life – and they remind me every day to make sure, I am in my ocean to be the best version of myself.

By the way. My penguin is called Charly … and if you join one of my workshops, you will have a chance to meet him.



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