How I work

By reading my last posts I hope you got a better idea about myself and my approach.

I enjoy working – a lot. Because I love what I do. But it is crucial to me to have fun with what and how I do things.

Even in times of crises one can have fun. Don’t get me wrong. It is not about making fun of difficult situations. For me it is about doing things fulheartedly. And for me, humour is part of it.

A few years back a manager I worked with on a redundancy project complimented me for making this really difficult process somewhat easy and light. How? I guess I managed to help this manager not to loose himself along the way and I supported him. And we sometimes even laughed in these tough times. Because some situations – no matter how difficult – are just so weird, that you have to laugh about it.

By the way we also mourned. Because some people’s personal situations were almos unbaerable. And then we found a solution. The best one we could find. Because there is a solution for everything. Always. Maybe not the most pretty one, the most wanted or favoured one. But is always a second best alternative. And together we were looking for that one.

Together – this is key in my way of working. I will guide you and give you advice and share my perspective. But you are the expert in your business, your company culture and the people you want to work with. I coach you to find out, where to go and how to create the change you are looking for.

Together. Because I am not leaving you alone. I will challenge you as your sparring partner. Somebody that can be annoying at times, but means well!

Learning and change can be fun. That’s why I enjoy working with creative methods. With me you are allowed to e.g. build your organisation using Lego, awaken Personas as part of a Design Thinking process, juggle with more than two balls, discuss in the fishbowl and get to know methods from the mentaltraining in order to feel change physically.

“Fun with a purpose”. Together we find the right method that fits to your context, culture and team.

Trust in each other is the key for good collaboration. You can rely on my ability to assess situations and adapt accordingly.

In MBTI letters I am an ENTP…. The P – how I structure my life – reflects my flexibility. Meaning that I make use of and change between the methods that I use, depending on the situation.

Life long learning is very important for me. That’s why I continuously extend my knowledge and broaden the methods I use and am certified in. I also work closely with Munich Business School. I was responsible for the design of the MBA programme, I am teaching Modern Leadership and Personal Development and I am part of the Executive Education team. I learn something new every day from my students, discuss new studies and trends with fellow professors and lecturers and therefore include these in my consulting.

One more thing, that is often forgotten. You should always celebrate the end of a project… before making adaptations and improvements. I am happy to remind you, since it gets forgotten in our busy daily schedules.


Here you get back to the written and spoken word.